Die Suche nach der inneren Heimat

Museumsobjekt: Kunstfotographie
Entstehungsdatum: 1953
Künstler/Hersteller: Rudolf Kortokraks
Entstehungs/Fundort: -
Technik/Material: Fotographie
Museum: Historisches Museum Speyer
Ort (Museum): Speyer
Bundesland: Rheinland-Pfalz


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Kurzbeschreibung: Mein verfasstes Lied handelt von einem Mann der auf der Suche nach seiner inneren Heimat ist. Nicht umsonst heißt es: "Heimat ist ein Gefühl und kein Ort" Hier der Songtext: ---Vers 1--- Sometimes he wishes he could dream like a child/ sometimes he wishes he could scream loud and wild/ but he´s a grown up man yes he´s a grown up man/ and he has to stand stronger than he can/ searching for a sense he plays hide and seek/ noone understands why he´s thoughts are so deep/ ---Refrain--- To tell his story you need one million words/ bare your soul even if it hurts/ i can see it in your eyes you know how he feels/ his soul still cries and needs a smile to be heeled/ ---Vers 2--- He feels so cold in this world outside/ in time he´s gettin´ old and wise/ but he plays the game of life he never can win/ his aim is the place where he never has been/ he looks in my eyes in the mirror of hisself/ i know he needs help i know he needs help/ ---Refrain--- ---Vers 3--- He takes a look around no light he can see/ he takes a step beside where he never will be/ searching for a place his dream could survive/ he found the real matter of this wohle life/ and says life knows no luck it just knows the pain/ and too often i stand lonely in the rain/ ---Refrain---

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Alter: 18
Ort: Speyer
Schule: Nikolaus-von-Weis Gymnasium